Tilman Hartley


'For anyone who loves epic guitar riffs... Sounding vocally like Paul McCartney but musically similar to The Pixies and The Smiths... like waiting for a meteor to hit the Earth. ' Carla Howard, Music Emissions

'With new album 'To Basics' Tilman Hartley has garnered some impressive reviews and strong comparisons to the likes of Manic Street Preachers and Bowie. With a distinctive faltering voice and lyrics that display a genuine sense of humour, it could instead be argued that Hartley has a sound all of his own.' Steve Boniface, My Dad Rocks

'Tilman Hartley reminds us that there is another way... this is indie in its purest form... spirited, funny, clever, and at times hard to listen to... a songwriter with a sly wit and intriguing approach to song construction - all circular lyrics and building atmosphere. Some will be infuriated, others drawn in. You'll have to listen to find out which camp you're in.' Trisickle

'Tilman Hartley's debut album 'To Basics' is all about the guitars, teeming with frazzled barre chords and captivating riffs... the guitar playing is consistently brilliant throughout the album... uncompromising ... unconventional ... never boring.' Scene Point Blank

'A distinctive vocal and approach to songwriting have set Tilman Hartley apart on his new album 'To Basics'. He's been compared with the likes of Manic Street Preachers, understandable when listening to album opener 'Things Go Wrong', but his real strength lies with a tongue-in-cheek approach, highly welcome in an often staid music industry.' A Musical Priority

'A new artist with a definite sound and identity... refreshing.' Marcus Leyton, The Sound Of Confusion

'Unlike any other album we've heard yet this year.' Dennis Hugh, With Guitars

'Recommended.' Aid and Abet